Escrow to Closing - Buyer Timeline

Signed Purchase Agreement by all parties - Final Acceptance Date _________________

Inspection Contingency
______ days from final acceptance date: deadline to inspect and negotiate all repairs.

Provide lender with any required information (tax returns, bank statements, w-2’s)
Completed Appraisal - verification of value
Full loan approval by lender - Lender Commitment Date __________.
Insurance Binder - proof of insurance to lender - can be paid at closing.
Lock interest rate
Lender will coordinate and ensure compliance with all financing requirements
Closing Disclosure - must be signed 3 days prior to closing

Final Walk Through
Verify Seller has vacated property.
Verify any inspection repairs.
Verify all mechanicals in working order.

Funds need to bring - Cashiers Check or Wire - Lender provides amount.
Driver license and Social Security #.
How to take title - Joint tenants vs. Tenants in Common
Title Insurance - lender required
Review Final Settlement Statement
Attend closing - Time and location